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The Zephyr boots are part of Westerly’s Gauge style line. Each pair is made by hand to your specifications in our east Vancouver studio workshop.


Customize your boots by selecting from five colours of 5 oz slightly waxy top grain leather, three colours of leather laces, and three options for soles and edge finishing.


For strength and stability, every pair of Westerly's is made with vegetable-tanned leather reinforcements at the toes, heels, and eyelet facings. Hand stitching details at the toe and back centre shaft enhance the handmade aesthetic, while also providing additional reinforcement to stress points. A metal shank is secured in the sole before a 5 mm vegetable-tanned midsole is stitched in place. We then use a 6 mm non-slip rubber outsole by Topy for added comfort and protection. The boot bottoming is finished off with stacked vegetable-tanned leather heels and Topy rubber heel lifts. The final detail is the merino wool foot beds to wick moisture away from your feet.


The full character of boots from the Gauge line will show itself over time as the lines of the leather soften with wear forming to your personal shape. As all Westerly footwear is made with natural products and by hand, variations from pair to pair will exist making your Westerly’s wholly unique.


Westerly’s Made to Order collection offers a wide range of men’s sizes from 6 D to 14 D. See the women’s pages for respective size range. Consult our sizing chart to make your appropriate size selection.


ZEPHYR, Mens 11 Hole Boot

  • Did you remember to wear socks when taking your measurements? Read our instructions included with the measurement diagrams above.



    'D' WIDTH

    6 US

    238-243 mm

    216 mm

    6 1/2 US

    242-247 mm

    218 mm

    7 US

    246-251 mm

    221 mm

    7 1/2 US

    250-255 mm

    226 mm

    8 US

    255-260 mm

    231 mm

    8 1/2 US

    259-264 mm

    233 mm

    9 US

    263-268 mm

    236 mm

    9 1/2 US

    267-272 mm

    238 mm

    10 US

    271-276 mm

    241 mm

    10 1/2 US

    275-280 mm

    243 mm

    11 US

    279-284 mm

    246 mm

    11 1/2 US

    283-288 mm

    251 mm

    12 US

    288-293 mm

    256 mm

    12 1/2 US

    292-297 mm

    258 mm

    13 US

    296-301 mm

    261 mm

    13 1/2 US

    300-305 mm

    263 mm

    14 US

    305-310 mm

    266 mm

    14 1/2 US

    309-314 mm

    268 mm

    15 US

    313-318 mm

    271 mm

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