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Limited Edition Colours!


The Waist Pocket is our pet name for what may also be known as a money belt, fanny pack or hip sack. By any name, this unisex accessory could happily be your daily companion. The Waist Pocket has a single zipped compartment that is large enough to hold your phone, cards, cash, chapstick and a pretty pebble off of your favourite beach.


The removable belt is available in lengths to fit. Made with snap fasteners, each size offers five length settings for you to alternate between according to your outfit and comfort. Whether wearing over a bathing suit on your summer holiday or over a fall coat, you can adjust accordingly. Wearing before dinner? Or after dinner? We got you.


Made with footwear-grade leather, Ritza Tiger thread handstitching, metal toothed zippers, and solid brass snaps, the Waist Pocket has an artisan-made charm that only gets better over time. As with all Westerly products, it is made to be worn and loved.


Measuring approximately 22 cm x  11 cm x .5 cm when empty, it comfortably fits an iPhone 8plus or similarly sized phone with a slim case.


Please note that as all wallets are cut and stitched by hand with natural materials, some differences occur in each piece. Colours shown will vary according to screen settings.



Fitting Tips:


To determine your Waist Pocket belt size, use a dress maker's tape to create a loop around your body sitting above the hip approximating where you would like your Waist Pocket to sit. Keep your pants on! Take your measurement over your clothes. Westerly's Waist Pocket is intended for everyone, so use the sizing method that best suits you.


a (31"/ 79 cm) typically fits women's xxsmall

b (33" / 84 cm) typically fits women's xsmall

c (35" / 89 cm) typically fits women's small

d (37"/ 94 cm) typically fits women's medium or men's xxsmall

e (39" / 100 cm) typically fits women's medium/large or men's xsmall

f (41" / 104 cm) typically fits women's large or men's small

g (43" / 110 cm) typically fits women's large/xlarge or men's medium

h (45" / 115 cm) typically fits women's xlarge or men's large

i (47" / 120 cm) typically fits women's xxlarge or men's xlarge


The belt length measurements above are based on the middle option of the length settings. Custom strap lengths are available, by request.


Note: Why are the 'typically fits' descriptions kind of confusing? Because the 'typical' sizing structure used in the fashion industry can be confusing! And we love giving you lots of options for your best fit. If in doubt, go with the dress maker's tape measuring method above. And remember: there are five settings on each belt, so really, you can't go wrong!



Waist Pocket, Limited Edition Colours

  • As all Westerly products are made for you according to your personal specifications, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges.

    Note: Exceptions can be made for the removable belt that comes with the Waist Pocket. The belt may be exchanged for alternate size provided the original belt is returned in 'new' condition.

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