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made to fit a particular person
the process of planning how something will look, happen, be made, etc.
BESPOKE DESIGN is an experience all it's own. This is for the person with a vision beyond what is offered through Westerly's in-house styles. Work with the shoemaker to design your footwear and let us build it to your measurements and specifications. As in-person appointments are an integral part of the Bespoke experience, this service is for those of you living within reach of our east Vancouver studio workshop.
Book an appointment to discuss your vision, have your feet measured and be walked through your choice of materials. We'll build your footwear, have you in for fittings and complete the process with a final studio visit to collect your new footwear and learn about their best care tips.
View our gallery below for examples of past Bespoke Designs produced for and with Westerly bespoke clientele.
Bespoke design footwear is not intended for those in need of orthopaedic services.

BESPOKE designs

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