WESTERLY HANDMADE SHOES is a one-woman shoemaking practice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 


Being the daughter of a seamstress and a carpenter, it’s of little wonder I found a perfect fit when I stumbled into shoemaking.  I am a great believer in the importance of keeping the old world trades alive, and a lover of all things beautiful and finely crafted.  These values are at the core of my shoemaking practice where I strive for grace and comfort in every piece.

In honour of the traditional methods of shoemaking, the design, shaping, and assembly of all shoes and their components is done by hand, specific to their purpose, using the best materials for the job. Each shoe is built to fit the foot that will be wearing it. What results is a truly unique and enduring product every time.

Footwear from the Westerly line is created on a made to order basis, allowing for personalized touches for my clients.  I also create custom designs by commission.

WESTERLY HANDMADE SHOES are constructed for reliability, longevity, and beauty.  They are made to be worn and loved.


Renée Macdonald